Natural Uruguay and the Washington Consensus


A couple of Uruguayan milk producers has been attacked, for more than 15 years, by the same company that now wants to use the water of the Uruguay River and the Guarani Aquifer to produce cellulose paste.

From day to day they see how their neighbours are forced to sell the small parcels of field and that they and others, who also resist, stay without water. However, the Uruguayan State subsidizes the transnational companies that plant eucalyptus for the paper paste factory, which is installed in a duty free zone, next to the city of Fray Bentos. All this is possible, due to the slanted cover of the media on the denominated "forest model" and its consequence, the cellulose pulp industries.
A massive protest in the city of Gualeguaychú in the Argentine creek of the Uruguay River, against the construction of the enormous project, leads to the cut of a bridge that unites both countries and installs the subject in Argentina and Uruguay. The case derives in a presentation on the part of the Argentine State before the International Court of Justice in Den Haag.

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